Oct 12, 2008

Counter measures

I can only stand for 15 minutes inside 80 Deg C

Make me hungry after warm water.

After 7+- hours flight from KLIA to Ad Doha me and my friend Shafie drop by Doha Business Lounge for a refresh. Warm Jacuzzi and sauna probably the best things to do after hours of long journey. I just think that all those luxury 5 star services is to counter the boring flight time. Yes, I don't have a quality sleep during the flight.

Oct 1, 2008

Eid @ Tharjath 30 September 2008


This is the snapshot of the Eid Mubarak at Tharjath, Southern Sudan. Celebration was simple but means a lot to me. Eid kullu sana wa enta toyyib.